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& Tune

& Tune
Change engine oil  
Replace oil filter  
Inspect for engine oil leaks
Check engine mounts  
Check vacuum  
Check PCV valve operation    
Check for noisy tappets/lifters
Engine compression/balance test as required
Ignition & Fuel System          
Replace spark plugs if applicable*  
Inspect/replace points if applicable  
Inspect/replace condenser if applicable  
Inspect distributor cap  
Inspect rotor button  
Inspect coil  
Inspect distributor advance  
Inspect ignition leads and resistance  
Check and adjust ignition timing  
Inspect & adjust gapping  
Check & adjust idle  
Inspect air filter & fuel filter  
Check fuel pump & injector operation  
Check EFI system  
Inspect fuel lines & hoses  
Check & adjust carburettor float level (if applicable)  
Check throttle body & adjust choke  
Check manifold operation & tighten manifold bolts  
Check emission control settings & EGR valve operation  
Starting System          
Check battery electrolyte levels  
Inspect battery condition  
Inspect battery voltage  
Inspect voltage on ignition coil  
Inspect battery cables  
Check alternator voltage output  
Check starter motor operation  
Check & adjust dwell angle  
Brake System          
Check & adjust disc pads/brake linings  
Inspect disc rotors /drums      
Check brake master cylinder      
Inspect wheel cylinders      
Inspect brake callipers      
Inspect ball joints      
Check handbrake operation  
Check & top up brake fluid levels  
Inspect brake lines& hoses          
Cooling System          
Inspect radiator condition  
Inspect water pump      
Inspect heater core      
Inspect for coolant leaks  
Inspect coolant levels & concentration  
Inspect radiator & heater hoses  
Inspect hose clamps      
Inspect thermostat & housing      
Inspect welsh plugs      
Pressure test cooling system as required      
Suspension and Underbody          
Inspect suspension      
Check wheel bearings      
Check & adjust clutch operation      
Inspecte clutch cable & linkages      
Inspect engine pipes & mufflers      
Check steering operation      
Inspect catalytic converter      
Inspect exhaust manifold      
Lubrication & Grease as Required          
All grease nipples    
Suspension components      
Accelerator cables/linkages      
Clutch/transmission linkages      
Safety inspection, Adjustments and/or Top ups          
Check & adjust fan belts    
Inspect drive belts    
Inspect & top up power steering box & pump      
Inspect power steering hoses & pipes      
Check & top clutch fluid (if applicable)      
Check light & horn operation    
Check wiper operation    
Windscreen washer bottle      
Tyres for uneven wear    
Renew transmission fluid/gear oil        
Replace transmission filter (if applicable)        
Replace pan gasket (if applicable)        
Adjust bands (if applicable)        
Inspect for oil leaks        
Road Test

*iridium & platinum spark plug replacement may attract surcharges